I haven't been everywhere in the United States yet but I've been to a great portion of it between leisure and business travel. There really is a lot to see. I generally consider the landscapes of the west the best thing this country has to offer with the Grand Canyon being my top recommendation to travellers.

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Sites: - I wouldn't say there are any "must do" attractions but the State Capital building and the 6th street nightlight were the best that Austin had to offer.
Texas State Capital Building - The State Capital Building is impressive enough and I would consider it above average as far as state capital buildings go. That said I wouldn't plan a trip just to see it, but it's worth the stop if you are already in town.
Lyndon B Johnson Presidential Library - This wasn't on my list of things to do but my travel companion was the sleeping-in type and this was open early. My expectations were really low but I was pleasantly surprised. I didn't know much about LBJ before the museum but there was a moderate amount of things to see even for a non-history buff type such as myself as he was the sitting President for much of the Space Race, Vietnam War, and Civil Right Movement. That said it's STILL a history museum but as far as history lessons go this was better than most.
Texas State History Museum - Despite my lack of interest in history, this museum was on my to see list, mainly to get a taste of the rebellious Texan spirit. I'm not entirely sure I got what I was looking for in that regard but I got a few obligitory pictures of cowboy displays. All around it was pretty average.
Blanton Museum of Art: The University of Texas at Austin - I'd be lying if I said this museum remotely compared to the majestic museums of western Europe, but I did enjoy a few hours here. For an art museum in a mid-sized city, it definitely holds it's own. I'm partial to modern and abstract art which was one this museum's strengths.

My Personal Experience:
Overall Impressions: Austin was generally laid-back (unless you are talking football). The city motto is "Keep Austin Weird" - a slogan you'll find on the standard assortment of souvenirs. There was a mix of college town and mid-sized city atmosphere at least downtown where I spent the majority of my time.
When I Went: February 2007
Purpose of Trip: My goal was to get a small taste of Texas while experiencing the music scene / nightlife that Austin is known for. I was told Austin was a better representation of Texas than San Antonio by someone along the way. My original plan had been to visit both over the course of a 3-day weekend, but a series of airline snafus led to staying in Austin the entire trip.



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Las Vegas

Freemont Experience

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the Mattress Factory
the Andy Warhol Museum

Local Foods:
Primanti Brothers sandwiches - a local chain with grilled sandwiches served with cole slaw and fries stacked on the sandwich themselves.

Portland, OR

San Antonio

San Diego

San Diego Zoo
USS Midway - A retired aircraft carrier turned museum. Ticket includes a small guided tour.

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