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Panama City

the Panama Canal -in Miraflores. watch ships go through. give details of process icluding the mule trains
Diablos Rojos -painted buses which are starting to become rare
Revolution Tower -aka "Twisted Tower" in downtown
Casco Viejo (historic area) -historic area, UNESCO site

Casco Viejo
historic area, UNESCO site
Calle Uruguay
is a neighborhood filled with bars and discos for wealthy Panamanians and foreigner

San Blas Islands

El Porvenir -capital of the kuna territories. An island not much larger than the airstrip. Has a hotel, a few huts, and a small museum about the Kuna people.
Isla Perro -beach with a sunken ship
(other island) - you can walk around this island in under 5 minutes

Local Foods: -catch of the day seafood. lobster, fish, octopus, etc

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